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Smart Admin Works (SAW) is our sister company that specialises in providing outsourced trade association management services.

What do we offer?

This can be a complete solution where SAW takes over the full running of a trade association or a menu where clients choose the elements of the SAW offering that they require.

This includes:

  • Member Recruitment
  • Member Communication and Development
  • Technical Support
  • Event Management and Promotion
  • Financial Management
  • Council and Committee Management
  • Marketing the Association
  • Organisation Representation

SAW has extensive expertise in the building products sector and clients
include TTA, FeRFA and EUF.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Full team that are expert in trade association management.

We can provide the full service or just the elements that you require.

Have skills to create all of the necessary structures and to set up a successful trade association.