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Marketing experts for the Building Products Industry

Our Credentials

Smart Marketing Works is fast becoming the go-to agency for the building products sector. The agency has been structured to cater for the clients in that specialist sector with staff recruited from marketing roles in building products organisations. This means that we are able to grasp the technical features of complex products and translate them into benefits. Add that to our marketing strategy and creative flair and you find a skillset that few agencies can match.


We understand all of the routes to market in the building products sector, including the relationships between each. This knowledge, alongside our marketing communication skills, enables us to create multi-channel campaigns that really drive sales.

Our in-house CPD team is further evidence of the specialist knowledge within Smart Marketing Works. Researching and writing engaging CPD content on technical products is a real skill, and one that our team has in abundance. They are also aware of relevant regulatory requirements and can ensure that they are included in the CPD.
The PR team at Smart Marketing Works understands the building products sector. This enables them to create compelling copy on highly technical products. Relationships with the key publications means we can ensure that stories are always placed and featured prominently.
We understand that your marketing investment needs to drive results and so we apply all of our marketing communication skills to achieve that. Whether your requirement is for sales, leads, awareness or traffic, we understand what works in the building products sector and you can benefit from that knowledge.

Our Clients

The nature of our work means that we choose not to publish a client list or case studies. We are happy to discuss this with you in confidence, so please get in touch to find out more.