5 Tips for Creating Engaging CPD Content

If your marketing strategy requires your brand to be regularly specified on commercial contracts, then CPD promotion should feature firmly within your tactical marketing plan. It can come in a variety of formats, from video to literature to factory tours. Whichever way you choose, it’s critical you keep your audience engaged.

Don’t just ‘talk-the-talk’, show that you can ‘walk-the-walk’!

It’s important to gain the trust of your audience. Whether it’s through past projects, accreditations or statistics, show you know what you’re talking about! This can help pique interest and help create memorable presentations.

Don’t beat about the bush! Set out your objectives for the session from the get-go. This will ensure clarity and help remind the audience why the information is important for both the development of themselves and the industry.

Don’t just use text! Maintain interest by using a variety of elements when presenting your content. Whether it’s charts, videos, technical diagrams or even a quiz, varying the visual queues can help keep your employees engaged, helping increase information retention.

Case studies are not only a great way to showcase your credentials, but to help develop your current employee’s skills. By presenting challenges through real-life scenarios, they can help your audience put their newly gained knowledge into practice.

Digitalisation is now one of the most effective ways to deliver CPD Content. Not only is it accessible from home, but it also enables you to capture valuable data to improve your CPD content further in the future.